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   Nigel – Bass
Treble-Clef-Blue-SmallIt’s great to be part of a choir again and the Phil is a friendly, welcoming choir with a positive and encouraging music director in Clara.
I started singing when I was at school, including performing Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion at Manchester cathedral. I also did a bit at university. Then life intervened – children, work and playing football – and I didn’t do much until I was about 40, when I started joining ad hoc choirs.
Now singing is taking centre stage and I’ve become a little obsessed. My partner, Jane and I, joined the Phil a couple of years ago and are now staunch members. My highlight with the choir so far is singing Monteverdi Vespers. Audience loved it too.
    Dave – Tenor

Treble-Clef-Blue-SmallA couple of friends joined the choir and they were so enthusiastic that I went along to join Handel’s Messiah, which I have always loved. And I’ve been going ever since! The music director is very encouraging and down-to-earth, whilst also setting a decent pace during the rehearsals.
We do different pieces each term so I feel that I’m expanding my musical appreciation. At each concert we have very talented guest soloists and instrumentalists and it’s a pleasure (indeed, an honour!) to sing alongside them.
“Joining the Philharmonic Choir of Manchester was so easy! I came along after hearing their summer concert and everyone was so friendly. It’s a great experience joining in with all male and female voices in harmony, and learning new music with everyone else is really worthwhile. The coaching is excellent and you feel you have achieved the sound Aidan is looking for after his patient (very!) tuition.”

◊   Angela – Soprano

Treble-Clef-Blue-SmallI joined the Philharmonic Choir of Manchester with trepidation, this was the first choir I had belonged to since school.  To my relief the choir was welcoming and friendly and there were no auditions!!  
Four years later I am still thoroughly enjoying myself.  I have sung Bach , Britten, Mozart and Rutter to name but a few.

  Nicole – Alto

Treble-Clef-Blue-SmallI joined The Philharmonic Choir of Manchester 23 years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did. The camaraderie in the choir is great, but also I have, over the years, been introduced to some beautiful music – some familiar to me, some new to me.

I’ve loved it
 and continue to love it – I am learning so much about music which I feel is up-lifting and a great privilege.
How to join us……

How to join us……

2 thoughts on “Our Voices

  1. Moira Colman says:

    I would like to come along to your first rehearsal on Tuesday 9th January just to see what it is like. I have sung with the University Chorus for a few years. I also sing with acapella community choirs. I sang Alto with the University Chorus. I sing Soprano with the community choirs but am more comfortable singing Alto with classical music.
    Will there be a score available for the piece you are doing this term please?

    • admin says:

      Hi, Moira

      You’ll be very welcome on 9 January to see what you make of us. You’ll also be welcome to choose whether you sing alto or soprano.
      Scores will be available for at least one of this term’s pieces.

      Looking forward to meeting you

      Alan Tomlinson
      Web site and committee member

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