Subscriptions are £150 a year, or £50 a term, or £20 a term for people on Universal Credit and for full-time students.


If possible, please pay by bank transfer to The Philharmonic Choir, account no. 00925214, sort code 30-97-11, including your name in the payment reference field. If you need to pay by cheque, please make it payable to ‘The Philharmonic Choir’.

Whether you are paying by bank credit or cheque, please do not include the words “of Manchester”.  The bank will not now accept any cheque unless the name on the cheque matches the name of the account exactly. 

Voluntary donations
Any additional voluntary donations are very welcome from those who can afford it. These will help to cover the costs of soloists and musicians that income from subscriptions and ticket sales will not cover.
Gift Aid
Whether or not you are making a voluntary donation, if you haven’t previously filled in a Gift Aid Form and if you are a taxpayer, please fill in the linked Gift Aid form 2019/20 and return it to Margaret, the membership secretary. This will enable the choir to reclaim from the Government an extra 25p for every £1 of your subscription and any voluntary donation.

2019/20 Gift Aid Declaration